14: Instagram Sucks, Parking Ticket Protest, Marketing Lab, Podcast Envy, Not as Advertised


This week our two farmhand hosts get swept into an enchanted world where magic and topics lurk around every corner. After a pack of wild beasts sent by the Dark One murders their families they set off on a quest where they face five tasks: Instagram, parking tickets, Dan’s marketing lab, podcast envy, and finally products that aren’t quite as advertised.


Once the princess is rescued they turn to go home.




What is this?!


And lo, from the pits of darkness, a dedicated husk of a monster upheaves itself from the depths. His decrepit body sends a wail that strikes fear in the hearts of men and wakes babes lying in their cribs. Behold! The monster wakes. Behold! The destroyer of all that is right! And on his forehead there stands a single word like a profane jape of all that humanity holds dear: “NOAH”< [...]