#50 - Anniversary Episode - English Dryers, Follow Up, And Movie Pass Saga Continues

For a special episode marking a year since our hosts voices blessed your little ears we felt it appropriate to spend an inordinate amount of time on follow up and more Movie Pass shenanigans. Along the way we touch on English dryers, more Apple OS stuff, and some stuff we dug up from the archives!

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#49 - Merica!

This week we celebrate the Fourth of July by celebrating the things we love about America and our favorite patriotic movies.

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#48 - The Big E3 18’ Episode

This week our hosts and special guest Kaylee try our best to cover all of the big news out of 2018’s E3 gaming conference.

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Square Enix




#47 - Santa Cook

This week Christmas comes early! Join us as we embark on a depressing journey down memory lane, see what Santa Cook is up to at WWDC, and inevitably discuss related technology.

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#46 - Pranks, Brains, and Propaganda

This week we roll out a few high school pranks, get in way over our heads speculating on brain science and AI, and finally put the age old debate on Propaganda (the concept, not the evangelical hip hop artist) to rest.

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