#48 - The Big E3 18’ Episode

This week our hosts and special guest Kaylee try our best to cover all of the big news out of 2018’s E3 gaming conference.

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Square Enix




#47 - Santa Cook

This week Christmas comes early! Join us as we embark on a depressing journey down memory lane, see what Santa Cook is up to at WWDC, and inevitably discuss related technology.

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#46 - Pranks, Brains, and Propaganda

This week we roll out a few high school pranks, get in way over our heads speculating on brain science and AI, and finally put the age old debate on Propaganda (the concept, not the evangelical hip hop artist) to rest.

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#45 - Google Duplex, Movie Pass, Tolkien Corner, DC Streaming

This week our unconquerable hosts cover the newest changes made to Movie Pass in what is turning into a serialized universe of stories all to its own. From there we have the return of Tolkien Corner with all new news from the Middle Earth. Then we springboard into the new DC streaming app. Finally we contemplate the ethics of the new Google Duplex demo that’s sure to turn our world into a hellish landscape if gone unchecked.

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#44 - Avengers: Infinity War

This week Charlie and Dan collect all the infinity stones to summon the ability to talk about Infinity War for an hour and a half. One of us is a Grumpy Gus, the other is a Happy Hal. Listen and figure out which is which.

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